My name is Mark D Rushton, and I'm a project manager living in the fantastic city of San Francisco. I have a passion for creating amazing things, and above all am devoted to increasing happiness in all I do.

Don't forget to travel over to agileslug.com, a blog I started documenting the trials and tribulations of being an agile project manager in SoMa.



I'm a project manager with over 15 years experience in software development. I've completed stints as a developer, manager, project manager, and Scrum Master. Learning and solving problems are a few of my passions, and I pride myself on being an optimistic pragmatist. I'm somewhat agnostic when it comes to technologies, and don't mind mixing it up in areas that I am new to.

If I can go to work and be surrounded by amazing and inspired people, I'm a happy camper. I'm fortunate that I found a great group of people at General Things Inc.


I live in the amazing city of San Francisco with my beautiful wife Jamie. When I'm not amateur filming or riding my bike, I really enjoy just chilling on the beach or catching a movie.

After spending 5 years remodeling a house in Springfield Missouri (and I don't mean the white-bread form of the word "remodel" that includes painting and buying furniture, I'm talking about asbestos-plaster wall destruction reconstruction remodel), I've really enjoyed not working on a house and just enjoying everything the city has to offer.

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